Rehabilitation doctors-rehabilitologists, health improvement after diseases traumas and surgeries, restoring functions of central and peripheral nervous system, restoration of musculoskeletal system, Post-Covid and after pneumonia, rehabilitative and curative medicine Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation (lat. Rehabilitation) – is a complex of measures aiming at best possible rehabilitation or health improvement after diseases, traumas and surgeries.

Rehabilitation departments are located in MediClub Polyclinic and MediClub KIDS and includes: rooms for recovery procedures and exercising therapy, massage rooms, physiotherapy rooms.

MediClub provides for following rehabilitation types:

Restoring functions of central and peripheral nervous system
Rehabilitation is being carried out in following cases:
Cerebral palsy (CP), paresis, paralysis, stroke (motor impairments after stroke), degenerative neuromuscular diseases (myopathy), polyneuropathy, muscle hypertonia and hypotonia, motor impairments after brain injuries.

Restoration of musculoskeletal system
Rehabilitation is being carried out in case of following diseases:
posture disorder, kyphosis, torticollis, osteochondrosis, protrusion of the intervertebral disk, flat feet, varus and valgus deformities of feet, varus and valgus deformities of knee joints, developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), myalgia, diseases of muscles, ligaments and tendons, fractures of extremities.

Post-Covid rehabilitation and also rehabilitation after pneumonia is a special program on breathing exercising, halotherapy.

MediClub provides following physiotherapy types:

■ kinesiotherapy – method implies use of special simulators, different exercises and motion forms;
■ Kinesio Taping – therapeutic method, based on application of special elastic plasters (tapes) aiming at correction of pathological tonus, posture disorder, reduction of muscle pain;
■ rehabilitation with use of balancing platforms;
■ physiotherapy using special devices;
■ reflexology (treatment is carried out through pinpointing impact to сertain body zones);
■ therapy of trigger points;
■ myofascial release method (MFR);
■ programs aimed at muscle strengthening;
■ special programs of therapy exercising and personal trainings;
■ manual therapy and osteopathy;
■ acupuncture;
■ therapeutic massage;
■ craniosacral therapy (affecting brain and spinal cord through back and scull bones);
■ specialized author therapeutic methods.

Doctors of variable profiles along with rehabilitologists of MediClub clinic will select an individual rehabilitation program for every patient considering stage of main and associated diseases, general condition and age.

Application of modern methods in sphere of rehabilitative and curative medicine allow MediClub specialists to achieve effective rehabilitation in shortest period of time.