Certification and medical documentation

Medical documentation (epicrisis, certificates, results of laboratory and instrumental investigations etc.) provided by MediClub is available not only in Azerbaijani, but also in Russian and English and being issued according to requests of patients, international companies and legal entities. Information is being submitted within legitimate acts of Azerbaijan Republic in strict compliance with medical data confidentiality requirements.

Certificates issued in a format approved by Health Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic (Form 26, Form 27, Form 86, Form 95, Form 106):

■ Health condition certificates for submission to preschool institutions and schools;
■ Certificates required when entering foreign universities (USA, Europe, Canada and etc.);
■ Vaccination certificates;
■ According to requests of patients, state organizations and private companies;
■ Sick-leaves (temporary disability slips);
■ Domestic trauma related documentation;
■ Check-up certificates (professional fitness).

Also, a package of documents in English and German for persons travelling for treatment abroad is available in MediClub.