Emergency medical services

MediClub ambulance

The first private emergency medical service in Azerbaijan was established by MediClub more than 20 years ago with the launch of 2 teams (adult and children's) equipped with all the necessary up-to-date equipment and staffed with highly qualified specialists to provide first medical aid and emergency medical care in out-of-hospital conditions.

Currently, the ambulance service has more than 10 teams working day and night nationwide.

Highly qualified doctors and paramedics annually undergo BLS (Basic Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), and ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) programs for emergency care. The drivers are trained in emergency care as well

Availability of the advanced portable equipment makes it possible to provide medical care to patients regardless of the severity of their conditions, as well as transportation of those in need of artificial pulmonary ventilation.

MediClub ambulance

Pediatric ambulance and emergency medical teams of MediClub are available in case of diseases and emergency conditions (injuries, poisoning, etc.) in children of all ages requiring urgent medical intervention. Children with life-threatening conditions are taken to the MediClub Hospital, providing 24/7 medical monitoring and treatment

Availability of a special incubator in the pediatric ambulance vehicle allows the transportation of newborns. As appropriate, medical evacuation is carried out, including aeromedical and casualty evacuation.
Along with ambulance crews, 2 emergency teams, both for adults and children, are available every day. Depending on the severity of the patient's condition, an emergency medical care doctor may start providing primary medical care arriving within an hour.

Today, 2 adult teams, 2 pediatric teams and 2 emergency medical care teams are on duty day and night in the city.

The system of reserve schedules and a sufficient number of vehicles with a high coefficient of fleet output give us opportunity to increase the number of crews in case of emergency (epidemics, mass accidents).

MediClub ambulance

The operational department is one of the main units of emergency medical care. Its main task is the organization of centralized reception of appeals, ensuring the twenty-four-hour availability of medical treatment and the organization of timely execution of incoming calls.

The presence of a coordinating doctor in charge in the central control room as part of the staff allows us to determine the need to send one or another ambulance crew or an emergency doctor.

Almost all transportations of severe patients both from the regions of the country and intracity (from one hospital to another) are carried out by the ambulance crews of МediСlub.
It became especially important in the last 2 years during the COVID 19 epidemic, when the most severe group of patients needed artificial pulmonary ventilation.

MediClub ambulance

338 transportations were carried out over the past year; 298 of them were carried out intracity and 42 – from the region.

The multiannual contracts with AZAL, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa airlines make possible the aeromedical evacuation to medical and diagnostic institutions in Turkey, Russia, Europe, the UK, and the USA. Besides, as requested by the international insurance companies and Assistance companies, MediClub doctors transport the patients on a specially equipped aircraft almost worldwide.

The ambulance staff of the МediСlub is trained according to BLS, ACLS and PHTLS (Prehospital Trauma Life Support) international programs. Besides, they undergo the BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) for the evacuation of patients from ships and oil platforms.

The total number of ambulance calls in 2021 amounted to 6,771, including 5,010 for adults and 1,761 for children.

Advantages of the MediClub ambulance

■ turn-out of the crew anytime and anywhere in the shortest possible time;
■ availability of resuscitation and other specialized crews (general medical, pediatric, cardiological, resuscitation, etc.);
■ a set of portable devices for ultrasound and X-ray, analysis sampling, rapid tests at home and at the workplace, as well as transportation of the patients in almost any condition;
■ a wide range of medicines, therapeutic procedures (injection and infusion therapy, catheterization, intubation, ventilation, etc.) to start treatment on the way to the hospital;
■ availability of equipment in the vehicle to transport patients in any condition: the treatment starts on the way to the hospital;
■ home-based observation of the patient for an unlimited time;
■ emergency care for children, including newborns;
■ a communication system allowing to monitor the movement of ambulance in the clinic and choose the best route;
■ audio communication with experts of the clinic for a joint diagnostic and treatment program.

The name of the MediClub turned into a trademark for the best ambulance service covering the entire territory of the country. We are ready to provide first medical aid and emergency medical care 24/7, all year round.