Personnel policy

Starting with a staff of 28 people, the company has managed to edu-cate and assemble a team of 440 professionals whose work is associated by our private and corporate clients with high quality medical care, a high level of business reputation and a high degree of responsibility for their duties.

The staff is selected on a competitive basis in respect of working in three or more languages. The MediClub family today employs 235 doctors of various medical specialties, 96 qualified paramedics.

MediClub has its own system of medical personnel training, training center has been established to serve this goal. All specialists of a Company are being sent for company-financed advanced training courses held in training centers of Europe and USA; a Company holds retreats and provides certifi-cated acknowledged by American Heart Association and American College of Sureons. A number of company doctors are holders of international PIN-code. Managers are getting additional company-financed education on Public Health, obtain second diplomas in economics.

All staff members of the Company, starting from drivers and going up to top-managers have personal development plan; they proceed with self-training or are being sent for intramural or distant refresher trainings.

Regular tests among staff members are being held by internal system of staff training aimed at constant professional development. Gradation of physicians according to their specialties, position and salary is based on results of these tests.

Institute of coaching financed by the company is functioning to en-hance professional skills of newly employed staff member. An employee may initiate his own testing to elevate his gradation level in company system and, thus, salary.

Whole medical staff is included into the process of state certification, they are being served an opportunity to attend advanced trainings and success-fully pass state examinations.

Foreign language skills, English above all, forms basis for higher salary. Written positive feedbacks of patients, conflict management, psychological management of extreme situations, complete and accurate information on Baku addresses demonstrated by drivers and coordinators, skills in addtional program tools and a number of other skills and abilities applied in job performance are also being accompanied by material incentives of top-management.

Malpractice insurance of the whole medical staff applies to all spheres of activities and supports UK & North America standards.

Management system of the Company obtained extensive experience in competition on gaining market of Azerbaijan comprising more than 600 private medical facilities and it allowed our managers to proceed with Company certi-fication in compliance with universal international ISO 9001:2015 quality and OHSAS 45001:2018 safety standards.

Procedure of internal training in the Company commences with period of trainee for candidates covering the whole personnel to be hired. Employees of MediClub are being involved into coaching process. Testing process consists of several steps, decision on position to be hired for is being made according to results of these tests.

According to agreement with Azerbaijan Medical University MediClub takes part in training of residents, for nowadays, number of residents who have already completed training or are still in the process exceeds 50. Compa-ny provides for additional scholarship, most successful participants are being hired as paramedics or doctor’s assistant.

More than 40 employees of MediClub were invited for executive positions and are currently working in state-funded and private medical facili-ties under state Health care system.

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Personnel policy

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