“MediClub” club card

MediClub club card

Benefits of owning a “MediClub” club card

The club card gives you the right to receive privileged medical care in all MediClub branches in Azerbaijan. The card is valid for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase.

Purchasing a MediClub card provides

■ the right to call an ambulance and help in emergency situations without prepayment,
■ discounts for medical care,
■ 20% discount on the cost of a club card for its renewal,
■ One-time free examination at MediClub clinics immediately after the purchase of the card, including:
     • Doctor’s examination
     • Electrocardiogram
     • Laboratory tests:
          - urine analysis
          - full blood count
          - clotting time
     For adults and children from 14 years old
          - Sugar test (blood)
          - Prothrombin index (blood)
     For children below 14 years old
          - Stool investigation

(does not apply to gift cards)

Club card prices

     - For adults and children from 14-year old age - 170 manat
     - For children below 14-year old age - 100 manat
For the family members who live at the same address:
     - For the first family member - 170 manat
     - For the second family member who lives at the same address - 120 manat
     - For the rest family members who live at the same address - 100 manat

The holder of the MediClub membership card also receives the right to:

■ 20% discount on all medical services, including:
     - hospitalization,
     - consultation with a specialist doctor at the MediClub clinics.
■ 10% discount on dental care at the MediClub Dental clinic.
■ 20% discount on laboratory tests

30% discount applies to ambulance services at the territory of Baku city.

To the owner of the MediClub card A-Qroup Insurance Company gives a 20% discount for real estate and CASCO insurance (car insurance).

The club card is purchased for cash or transfer in manats (+18% VAT)

Discounts of the MediClub card for corporate clients for collective agreements:

Over ten (10) employees - 10%
Over twenty-five (25) employees - 15%
Over fifty (50) employees - 20%