Pulmonology doctors-pulmonologists, diagnosis and treatment of obstructive and restrictive lung bronchial and respiratory ways diseases, bronchoscopy, computer tomography of chest, lung function test spirometry Pulmonology

Pulmonology (lat. pulmonis — lung + old Greek. λόγος — study) – part of medicine, studying lung and bronchial diseases.

MediClub provides for treatment of obstructive and restrictive diseases of lung and respiratory ways both in children and adults.

Obstructive lung diseases:

Obstructive lung diseases include cases of labored exhale and breathing in general. Main symptom of obstructive lung diseases – constant persistent dyspnea.

Most common causes of obstructive lung disease are:

■ Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
■ pneumonia;
■ emphysema;
■ chronic bronchitis;
■ bronchial asthma;
■ bronchiectasis;
■ сystic fibrosis;
■ pulmonary fibrosis;
■ mucoviscidosis.

Restrictive lung diseases:

Restrictive lung diseases results in decrease of lung volume. Lungs of persons suffering of restrictive lung disease are not being filled by air in full.

Conditions causing restrictive lung disease are as follows:

■ interstitial lung disease, such as idiopathic lung fibrosis;
■ Sarcoidosis, autoimmune disease;
■ Obesity, including obesity hypoventilation syndrome;
■ Neuromuscular disease, such as muscular dystrophy or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Diagnosis of lung and respiratory ways’ diseases

Besides laboratory tests, MediClub also uses lung function test (spirometry) to measure volume of inhaled and exhaled air. Test detects obstructive or restrictive lung disease signs and development stage of it.
Roentgen investigation and computer tomography of chest are also used in diagnosis. Bronchoscopy required in some cases allows detailed investigation of respiratory ways obtaining imaging from within and taking samples for biopsy.