Proctology doctors-proctologists, diagnostics and surgical treatment conservative methods of treatment of proctological diseases of large bowel rectum and colon, anus and pararectal space Proctology

Proctology (greek. πρωκτός —rectum + λόγος — study) – is a field of medicine studying diseases of large bowel (including rectum and colon), anus and pararectal space.

During an examination, after anamnesis is collected, a doctor-proctologist proceeds with initial examination including visual inspection, palpation of perianal space and rectal finger examination. Also, a proctologist may require rectoromanoscopy, anoscopy or colonoscopy if necessary.

MediClub Hospital provides for modern surgical treatment of following proctological diseases:

■ hemorrhoid (chronic and exacerbation);
■ acute thrombosed hemorrhoid (hemorrhoid complicated by thrombosis);
■ anal fissure (chronic and acute);
■ acute and chronic paraproctitis;
■ pararectal fistulas (extrasphincteric, transsphincteric, intrasphincteric, rectovaginal);
■ polyps of anal canal and rectum;
■ neoplasms of rectum with consecutive hystological and cytological byopsy;
■ fine condylomas of perianal space and anal canal;
■ anal sphincter deficiency.

Conservative methods of treatment of proctological diseases stipulated below are provided by МediСlub Polyclinic:

■ irritated bowel syndrome ( forms with diarrhea and constipation);
■ non-specific ulceric colitis;
■ Crohn’s disease;
■ proctitis, colitis;
■ anal itching.

Diagnostics of proctological diseases in MediClub is carried out by following methods:

■ rectoromanoscopy;
■ anoscopy;
■ colonoscopy.

Surgical treatment of rectum diseases in MediClub is being carried out applying radio wave surgery method (Surgitron apparatus).