Pediatry doctors-pediatricians, diagnosis treatment and prevention vaссine prophylaxis of childhood diseases, pediatric care, conservative therapy, physiotherapy Pediatry

Pediatry (Greek παιδός «children» + ἰατρεία «treatment») – is a part of medicine studying diagnosis, treatment and prevention (including vaссine prophylaxis) of childhood diseases.

MediClub provides treatment of all childhood diseases. Initial examination of children and teenagers in age range of 0-18 years old is being carried out by pediatricians of MediClub KIDS. After examination and diagnostic procedures, in case required, a child is being referred by pediatrician for a consultation of specialist.

MediClub offers round-clock medical services. Evening and night-time services (from 20.00 to 8.00) are being rendered by pediatric department of MediClub Hospital.

Depending on clinical situation, treatment may be carried out in out-patient department of MediClub KIDS or in-patient department of MediClub Hospital. Besides, MediClub KIDS provides day hospital services where children receive treatment requiring follow-up (such as infusion therapy).

Home visit of pediatrician is also available.

Doctors-pediatricians of MediClub provide following services:

■ diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases in children and teenagers;
■ scheduled prophylactic check-ups and systematic examinations;
■ vaccine-based prevention and сompilation of individual vaccine schedule;
■ consultations on infant care, сomplementary feeding and etc;
■ examination of children and provision of referrals for hospitalization, access to planned surgeries, treatment and diagnostic procedures under anaesthesia and etc.

In MediClub clinics diagnostics of childhood diseases imply scope of laboratory, apparatus and instrumental examinations. Availability of all facilities in MediClub KIDS, such as own laboratory, USI, ECG, EEG, CT and other diagnostic devices allow pediatricians and specialists of a clinic to proceed with thorough and detailed investigation for diagnose.

MediClub applies modern treatment methods of childhood diseases. Conservative therapy is often combined with physiotherapy which is available for our little patients in physiotherapeutic department of MediClub KIDS.

Benefits of pediatrics in MediClub:

■ Highly qualified specialists;
■ Wide spectrum of diagnostic сapacities;
■ Modern treatment methods;
■ Round-clock availability of consultations;
■ Home-visit of pediatrician;
■ Specialists of childhood diseases.