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Mammology (lat. mamma “mammary gland” + greek. λόγος «science») — field of medicine studying diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of breast (mammary gland) diseases.

In MediClub Polyclinic doctor-mammologist carries out diagnostics and treatment of following breast diseases:

■ Benign tumors: fibroadenomas, сysts, intraductal papillomas, lipomas;
■ Dishormonal diseases: gynecomastia, mastopathy, galactorrhea, mastodynia;
■ inflammatory diseases: mastitis;
■ lactation disorders, lactostasis, galactocele;
■ diagnostics of breast cancer.

Goal of an examination of mammologist is to prevent any breast diseases including oncological ones. During a consultation of every patient risk factors that may further result in various pathologies of breast are identified.

Methods of instrumental diagnostics applied for breast examination are as follows:

■ USM of breast (mammary glands);
■ Mammography;
■ Biopsy (breast punction): fine-needle aspiration biopsy FNA and tru-cut biopsy;
■ Cytological investigations of discharge from nipple.

Additional investigation methods are:

■ CT of thorax
■ MRT of breast.

We recommend every woman to proceed with regular self-performed examinations of breast, namely, palpate and examine it in front of mirror. Consultations of mammologist should be scheduled for the first phase of menstrual cycle, maximum before 10th day of a cycle. In case any tactile of visual changes of breast and axillary cavity are detected during self- examination, immediate consultation of a doctor-mammologist is required.

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