Immunology doctor-immunologists, immune therapy, diagnostics and treatment of immune deficiency related diseases human immune system Immunology

Immunology (Lat. immunis — free, released, spare of something + Greek. λόγος — knowledge) — field of medicine, studying structure and functioning of human immune system and mechanisms of its self-protection, diagnostics and treatment of immune deficiency related diseases, as well as various types of immune therapy.

In MediClub treatment of diseases mentioned below both in infant and adult groups of patients is being conducted by profile specialists along with immunologists:

■ Diseases development of which may be provoked by immune deficiency: tinea, different candidiasis, flaccid pneumonias, furunculosis;
■ Frequent relapses of herpes virus infections;
■ Frequent cold and infectious diseases (especially among children);
■ Infertility and miscarriage;
■ Stage after radiation therapy as oncology treatment;
■ Chronic diseases of upper and lower respiratory tract;
■ Relapsing viral and infectious diseases.

Thorough examination by doctor-immunologist in MediClub clinics includes following procedures:

■ Skin tests for allergic reactions;
■ assessment of immune and interferon status of patients (identifying interferon level in blood serum);
■ blood IgE test for allergens;
■ necessary cytological examinations.