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Hematology (old.Greek αἷμα, αἷματος — blood + λόγος) — field of medicine studying blood morphology, organs of haematopoiesis and blood diseases.

MediClub carries out treatment of following blood diseases:

■ Lymphocytic leukemia – malignant neoplasm of blood (blood cancer);
■ myeloleukemia –malignant neoplasm with genetic anomaly;
■ multiple myeloma – oncological disease of blood;
■ Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia– malignant formation as a result of blood viscosity increase;
■ lymphomas – diseases of lymphoid tissue;
■ autoimmune thrombocytopenia (Werlhof’s disease) –decrease of thrombocyte number, increased bleeding;
■ anaemia of different origin (including iron deficiency anaemia, В12- and folate-deficiency anaemia, hemolytic anemia).

Below mentioned procedures and laboratory tests are being administered by hematologist during thorough investigation in МediСlub Polyclinic:

■ USM of abdominal organs and lymph nodes;
■ Roentgen investigation of blood;
■ Byopsy of lymph nodes with histological investigation;
■ Sternal puncture of bone marrow with morphological investigation;
■ coagulogram (analysis of findings of blood coagulation system);
■ computer tomography of internal organs and scintigraphy (scan) of bones.

After precise diagnosis is made by a doctor-haematologist, in 80% of cases hospitalization is not required and treatment may be carried out in out-patient unit.

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