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Gynecology (Greek. gyne - woman, logos - science) - field of medicine, studying prevention and treatment of female reproductive system diseases.

Gynecology comprises:
■ Child and teenager gynecology;
■ Surgical gynecology;
■ Gynecological endocrinology.

It is exactly doctor-gynecologist who controls physiological functioning of female organism, starting from puberty up to menopause period.

Highly-qualified doctors-gynecologists of MediClub, with a long-standing experience in the field of female reproductive system diseases treatment will assist you in managing problems as:

■ sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, herpes genitalis;
■ bacterial vaginosis;
■ vulvovaginal candidiasis (thrush);
■ vulvovaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis;
■ cervical channel polyps;
■ polyps, endometrial hyperplasia;
■ menstrual disorders;
■ cervicitis;
■ uterine fibroids;
■ ovarian cysts;
■ endometriosis;
■ infertility;
■ selection of contraception method;
■ predmenstrual syndrome;
■ vulvar diseases;
■ postmenopausal atrophic vaginitis;
■ vulvar lichen sclerosus;
■ vulvar lichen sclerosus et atrophicus (craurosis);
■ menopause related problems;
■ ectopic pregnancy.

One of fields our doctors pay special attention to is revention of cervical cancer, which implies conduction of such investigations as cytologic test (PAP-smear) and HPV genotyping. Our clinic provides for PAP-smear conducted by liquid-based cytology.

Ginekology is closely linked to obstetrics – branch of medicine, responsible for pregnancy period, including fetus carriage, delivery and postpartum period. Our doctors will assist you in pregnancy management.

Method of diagnostics of gynecological diseases in MediClub are as follows:

■ ultrasound investigations: transvaginal, transabdominal and transrectal US of small pelvis; US of fetus, US of mammary gland. Carried out on expert class GEVolusonE10, GEVolusonE8 devices;
■ laboratory investigations (including tumor markers) and smears (including cytology);
■ vulvar biopsy;
■ radio wave biopsy of cervix (Surgitron apparatus);
■ endometrial aspiration byopsy;
■ hysteroscopy;
■ roentgen investigation of uterus cavity and oviducts (hysterosalpingography);
■ CT investigation of small pelvis organs;
■ diagnostic laparoscopy.

Colposcopy is a diagnostic procedure that allows a gynecologist to evaluate the cervix, vaginal walls and external genitalia (vulva) for the presence or absence of abnormal (atypical) cells. The study is carried out using a special backlit microscope – a colposcope, which magnifies the tissues, allowing to identify the smallest deviations. Detailed picture helps the doctor to detect neoplasms, determine their location, size and contour and surface features.

Colposcopy is prescribed in the presence of the following indications:

■ detected abnormalities in the cytological smear (Pap test);
■ identified highly oncogenic HPV types;
■ genital warts;
■ ectopia/ erosion of the cervix;
■ suspected precancerous changes in the tissues of the cervix, vagina and vulva;
■ postcoital spotting from the genital tract;
■ inflammatory process in the cervix (cervicitis);
■ endometriosis of the cervix.

The procedure is painless and does not require special preparations.

The main purpose of this examination is to determine the presence or absence of signs of atypia in epithelial cells. If the gynecologist sees any abnormalities during colposcopy, she will take tissue samples (biopsy) from the affected areas.

Colposcopy is one of the best diagnostic methods that with great accuracy allows seeing most of the pathological processes in the cervix, vagina and external genitalia. It is indispensable for the early diagnosis of the cancer process in these organs. In our clinic the study is carried out on high-class Leisegang equipment by the qualified specialists, gynecologists Dr.E.Gadirova and Dr.L.Sharifzade.

To make an appointment with gynecologists, as well as for colposcopy, contact MediClub Poliklinika.

Doctors-gynecologists of МediСlub apply modern methods of conservative therapy and surgical interventions in treatment of gynecological diseases.