Child vaccination

Immunization (vaccination) is a basis of prophylaxis and management of infectious diseases and is being applied not only to healthy children but also to those suffering of chronic diseases.

Vaccination for children of all ages (age range 0-18 years) carried out by immunologist and specially trained nurse is available in vaccination room of MediClub KIDS. Vaccine is being given after examination of a child by a doctor. Vaccines are being kept in compliance with all storage requirements.

Immunization within national vaccination calendar is being carried out by polyvalent vaccines, registered and approved by Health Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic.

In case of vaccination schedule disruption, an individual vaccination schedule for particular child is being developed considering all contraindications. In case of necessity, an immunologist prescribes investigations and medicines deemed appropriate before vaccination is conducted.

For foreign citizens vaccination is being carried out according to vaccination schedule of a country a child (patient) has arrived from.

In MediClub KIDS active (urgent) child vaccination (tetanus, antirabbies) is being carried out in case of traumas and animal bite. Vaccination schedule is being elaborated for every individual case.