Bacteriological tests

List of laboratory tests

Abdominal fluids culture
Bacteriological culture of swabs
Bile culture
Blood culture for sterility
Bronchoalveolar lavage culture
Cerebrospinal fluid culture
Culture from oral cavity
Culture from the catheter
Culture from the trachea
Culture from the urethra/vagina 24-72 hours with antibioticgram for mycoplasma hom. and ureaplasma ureal
Culture of a breast milk
Ear culture
Emetic culture
Eye culture
Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC)
Nail culture
Nasal swab culture
Nasal swab culture for diphtheria
Pleural fluid culture
Prostate fluid culture
Pus culture
Saliva culture
Sperm culture
Sputum culture
Stool culture
Synovial fluid culture
Throat culture
Urine culture
Wound culture
Bacteriological analysis of food products
Bacteriological analysis of water
Determination of legionella in water samples