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Urology (old Greek. οὖρον — «urine» +old Greek. λόγος — «study, science») — part of medicine, studying aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis of urogenital system diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases in MediClub clinics

Consultation of an urologist includes examination, required investigations and setting up personal treatment plan.

Types of diagnosis of urogenital system diseases:

■ ureteroscopy (irrigation system, pain-free);
■ cystoscopy (irrigation system, pain-free);
■ prostate USI;
■ USI of kidney, ureter, urinary bladder;
■ all kinds of laboratory investigations (infections, hormones, tumor markers and etc.)

Besides, as a part of diagnostic research, clinical, biochemical, immunological blood tests, urine tests, smears and scrapings for bacterial and viral infections, bacteriological and cytological tests are being done. In cases required CT, USI, roentgen and other additional investigations may also be performed.

Urologists and andrologists of MediClub provide treatment for following diseases:

■ urethritis (acute, chronic);
■ stricture of urether;
■ prostatitis (acute, chronic, calculous, parenchymatous);
■ adenoma (benign hyperplasia) of prostate;
■ cystitis;
■ phimosis (narrowing of foreskin);
■ balanoposthitis;
■ balanitis;
■ orchitis;
■ epididymitis;
■ orchiepididymitis;
■ vesiculitis;
■ varicocele;
■ hydrocele;
■ male infertility;
■ impotence (erection weakening);
■ loss of libido;
■ premature ejaculation;
■ delayed ejaculation;
■ plastic induration of penis (Peyronie’s disease);
■ urolithiasis disease (acute, chronic);
■ pyelonephritis;
■ Human Papilloma (HPV) Virus infection (condylomata acuminata);
■ Intraurethral condylomas acuminata;
■ blood in semen (hemospermia);
■ pus in semen (pyospermia);
■ female urinary incontinence ;
■ treatment of sexually transmitted infections;
■ neurogenic bladder.

MediClub clinics apply following treatment methods and urological surgeries:

■ endoscopic interventions at urinary tract;
■ radiowave surgery of penis, scrotum and anal area condylomas;
■ surgical treatment of varicocele;
■ foreskin incision;
■ frenulectomy of penis.

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