Traumatology doctors-traumatologists, traumatic agents , consequences of traumas injuries and methods of diagnostics treatment, surgical manipulations, intraarticular injuries and diseases Traumatology

Traumatology (Greek. τραῦμα —injury, wound + λόγος — study) — part of medicine, studying impact of various traumatic agents into human body, consequences of traumas and methods of their treatment.

Management of traumas in MediClub

Traumatologists of MediClub have at their disposal everything necessary to proceed with reliable diagnosis of various traumas: USI, roentgen, CT, EEG, electroneuromyography, laboratory diagnostics and etc.

Traumas, injuries and diseases managed by traumatologists of MediClub:

■ fractures;
■ stretches, dislocations and torn ligaments;
■ haematomas and injuries;
■ head injuries;
■ frostbites and burns;
■ bleedings;
■ open and closed joint injuries.

Following types of surgical manipulations are performed in MediClub:

■ foreign bodies removal, surgical management of wounds, drainage and wound suturing;
■ novocaine blockade in fractures;
■ joint puncture (joint injection) and drug administration;
■ removal of neoplasms;
■ casts, plaster bandages and orthesis;
■ dislocation management;
■ elimination of dislocation and reduction of bone particles to obtain proper position of a fractured bone;
■ all types of osteosynthesis.

Also, arthroscopy – minimally invasive method which allows to diagnose and treat intraarticular injuries and diseases is being carried out in MediСlub Hospital.