Psichiatry doctors-psychiatrists, neurophysiological diagnostics prophylaxis and treatment of psychiatric diseases mental disorders deviations, corrective psychotherapy psychotherapeutic methods, auto trainings Psichiatry

Psichiatry (от old.-greek. ψυχή — «spirit»+ old. greek. ἰατρεία «treatment») — field of medicine studying psychiatric disorders, method of their diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment.

During an examination, doctors-psychiatrists assess level of thinking and identify psychiatric deviations both among adults (MediClub Polyclinic) and children (MediClub KIDS). In cases required, psychiatrist administers additional investigations, final decision about psychiatric state of a patient is being made according to results obtained.

MediClub carries out diagnostics and treatment of following diseases both in infant and adult age groups:

■ suicide attempts;
■ paranoid ideation, delirium, hallucinations;
■ various phobias;
■ sleeping disorders (enduring insomnia);
■ strong irrational anxiety, psychosis and other cases of mental disorders;
■ schizophrenic conditions;
■ post-traumatic mental disorders;
■ insurmountable addictions of various types;
■ frequent hysterical fits;
■ bulimia, anorexia;
■ epilepsy;
■ dementia;
■ psychosis;
■ neurosis;
■ personality disorders;
■ schizophrenia;
■ Parkinson’s and Altzeheimer’s Diseases;
■ Autism;
■ Manic-depressive syndrome.

Neurophysiological diagnostics of mental disorders comprise:

■ EEG (electroencephalography);
■ MRT(brain magnetic resonance tomography);
■ Duplex scan of magistral blood vessels of the brain.

Treatment of mental disorders is based on use of medicines to restore functional impairment. Besides medicines, doctors also apply corrective psychotherapy methods.

Additionaly exercised:
■ Auto trainings;
■ Psychotherapeutic methods of various types (art-therapy, hypnosis, сomрulsion, talks).