Ophthalmology doctors-ophthalmologists prophylactic check-up clinical investigation, prevention diagnose and treatment of eye visual system ophthalmological diseases of vision apparatus Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology (old Greek. ὀφθαλμός “eye” + λόγος “study” – part of medicine studying eye, its anatomy, physiology and diseases and elaborating methods of treatment and prevention of eye diseases. A human obtains 80% of information of external world by visual perception. Certified ophthalmologists of MediClub Polyclinic provide for prevention, diagnose and treatment of visual system diseases.

Pandemics, self-isolation and their consequences (on-line jobs, on-line studies, exposure to computer monitor and cell phone radiation, frequent TV-watching, improper body position while reading, reduction of period spent outside the premises during daylight, heredity and other factors deteriorating vision) resulted in increase of number of ophthalmological diseases.

Following groups should pass annual prophylactic check-up of ophthalmologist:

■ All persons from “risk group” of inherited diseases (risk group comprises persons relatives of whom are suffering of glaucoma, myopia, dystrophic diseases of eye tissue);
■ Children in age range of 3-16, annually;
■ Age-related vision deterioration;
■ All persons older than 40 to rule out glaucoma (increase of pressure inside the eye);
■ Patients with middle and high degree myopia, also those with progressive myopia;
■ Patients suffering of diabetes mellitus;
■ Vehicle drivers, pilots, train drivers and etc., including color vision tests (Daltonism test);
■ Office employees;
■ Persons who experienced eye trauma.

For timely diagnosis of eye diseases, specialists of MediClub advise to pass full ophthalmological check-up not less than once a year, before symptoms of eye disease manifest.

MediClub Polyclinic is equipped by modern ophthalmological devices enabling clinical investigation of functional condition of vision apparatus:

■ autorefractometer “Tomey”;
■ retinoscope and sciascopic devices;
■ “HUVITZ MRK – 3100” test signs projector;
■ phoropter;
■ lensometer;
■ direct electric ophthalmoscope;
■ color tests;
■ pneumotonometer;
■ Maklakov tonometer;
■ “Tomey” slit-lamps with a set of modern diagnostic “Volk” lenses (objective assessment of eyeball layers’ conditions);
■ Expert class ultrasound apparatus GEVolusonE10, ultrasound scan of eyeball A-scan.

MediClub ophthalmologists carry out diagnosis and treatment of below mentioned eye diseases both for adults and children:

■ Diagnosis of any kinds of refraction abnormalities (myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia) with accurate lens fitting of any complexity level;
■ Contact vision correction;
■ night myopia correction;
■ diagnosis of glaucoma with accurate determination of visual analyzer function, stage of disease, selection of effective medicine during examination with further monitoring and treatment;
■ diagnosis of demodicosis, chalazion, ceratitis, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, iritis, iridocyclitis of various aetiology with sampling smears to determine pathogen and selection of adequate treatment course;
■ diagnosis of lens, vitreous body, retina at early stage of pathologic process;
■ diagnosis (Shirmer’s test) and “dry eye” syndrome treatment;
■ color blind tests by Ishihara and Rabkin’s charts (daltonism test);
■ out-patient manipulations and treatment procedures of eye diseases among adults (activation of lacrimal openings, tear duct flushing);
■ removal of foreign bodies from conjunctiva and cornea surface;
■ conjunctival and corneal concretion removal;
■ trichiasis elimination;
■ treatment of light degree chemical burns of eye;
■ flushing of conjunctival surface in case of superficial burns;
■ conservative treatment of computer vision syndrome, accommodative spasm;
■ rehabilitative conservative treatment of children with refraction abnormalities, strabismus, amblyopia.