Neurology doctors-neurologists, diagnostics treatment prophylaxis and rehabilitative measures acute and chronic neurological cerebrovascular diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, concussion, headaches, meningitis, epilepsy, changes of brain and spinal cord, osteochondrosis, spinal hernias, migraine, lumbago, radiculitis, neuritis, backaches, abdominal chest neck pains, vegetovascular dystonia, seizures and paralysis, insomnia, depression, manual therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, biofeedback, traction therapy, joint blocks and periarticular injections PAI, caudal and epidural injections in case of hernias, stenosis, spinal instability Neurology

Neurology (old.Greek νεῦρον –“nerve” and λόγος —“science” – is a part of medicine studying nervous system and concerned with diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of central and peripheral nervous system.

Neurologists of MediClub clinics provide for comprehensive treatment and diagnostics, preventive and rehabilitative measures for patients with acute and chronic diseases of nervous system. Main goal of above mentioned activities is reduction of illness and death ratio due to cerebrovascular diseases and prevention of their complications’ development (acute cerebrovascular event, encephalopathy, paresis, paralysis and etc.)

MediClub clinics provide for treatment of following neurological diseases:

■ concussion;
■ neuropathias;
■ headaches of various origin;
■ meningitis;
■ epilepsy;
■ degenerative, vascular and dysmetabolic changes of brain and spinal cord;
■ osteochondrosis;
■ spinal hernias;
■ migraine;
■ lumbago, sciatica, radiculitis;
■ neuritis;
■ backaches;
■ abdominal pain (abdominalgia), chest pain (thoracalgia);
■ polyneuropathy syndromes;
■ dystonic syndromes;
■ vegetovascular dystonia;
■ different seizures and paralysis;
■ neck pains (cervicalgia) and neck pains radiating to the arm (cervicobrachalgia)
■ insomnia;
■ depression and etc.

MediClub Polyclinic, MediClub KIDS and MediClub Hospital apply following diagnostic methods:

■ ultrasound duplex scan of major vessels;
■ EEQ (electroencephalography);
■ NMG (electroneuromyography);
■ CT (computer tomography);
■ laboratory diagnostics.

Methods of treatment of neurological diseases in MediClub clinics:

■ manual therapy;
■ osteopathy;
■ acupuncture;
■ Biofeedback;
■ traction therapy;
■ Kinesio Taping;
■ various massage techniques;
■ individual selection of treatment course medicines;
■ electromyostimulation, magnetic laser therapy and other types of apparatus treatment;
■ joint blocks and periarticular injections (PAI);
■ blocks for muscular tonic syndrome;
■ caudal and epidural injections in case of hernias, stenosis, spinal instability.