Infectious diseases doctors-infectionists, diagnostics methods ways of treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, prophylactic and urgent vaccinations, epidemiology study of symptoms and evolution of infections Infectious diseases

Infectology (lat. Inficio, infect, infectum “to infect” + greek. λόγος - knowledge) is a field of medicine studying infectious diseases, among which are intestinal infections, infections of respiratory ways, infections of external covers and etc.

Infectology comprises epidemiology (study of frequency, transmission ways, risk factors) of infectious diseases, study of symptoms and evolution of infections, diagnostics methods, ways of treatment and prevention (vaccination) of infectious diseases.

In MediClub treatment of belowmentioned diseases is available both among children and adults:

■ Intestinal infections (salmonellosis, shigellosis, bacterial food poisoning, botulism, typhoid fever and parasites, amebiasis, leptospirosis and others);
■ Blood infections (transmissive) (malaria, Lyme disease, hemorrhagic fever, viral encephalitis, leishmaniasis and etc);
■ Blood infections (non-transmissive) (viral hepatitis B, C and etc.);
■ Infections of airways - ACVI, flu, adenoviral infection, parainfluenza, measles, rubella, psittacosis, chickenpox, mumps, diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough and others);
■ Infections of external covers (tetanus, erysipelas, rabies).

МediСlub KIDS provides for diagnostics and treatment of following infant infections : chickenpox, measles, rubella, diphtheria, parotitis, scarlet fever.

Diagnostics of infectious diseases in MediClub clinics

In МediСlub our doctors-infectionists use 3 groups of special laboratory investigation methods:
■ bacteriological;
■ serological;
■ polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect DNA or RNA of an agent of infectious disease detected in sample tested.

Treatment of infectious diseases is comprehensive, considers type of an agent, severity of patient’s condition and process phase.

Prophylactic vaccinations (hepatitis В, rubella, whooping cough and etc.) as well as urgent vaccinations (tetanus, rabies) required in urgent situations are available in MediClub clinics.