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Endocrinology (Greek. ἔνδον — inside, κρίνω — eject λόγος — word, study) — part of medicine studying structure and function of glands of internal secretion and hormones produced by them and also diseases developing as a result of function disorders of these glands.

Endocrinologists of MediClub provide for treatment of following endocrine diseases:

■ pancreatic islet apparatus diseases: diabetes mellitus of 1 and 2 types;
■ diseases of parathyroid glands (systemic osteoporosis, hyperparathyroidism, hypoparathyroidism;
■ thyroid diseases (hypothyroid syndrome, thyrotoxic syndrome, thyroiditis, iodine deficiency diseases, medicine thyropathies);
■ diseases of hypothalamic-pituitary system (Cushing’s syndrome, diabetes insipidus, functional hyperprolactinemia, prolactinoma;
■ adrenal diseases (chronic adrenal deficiency-Addison’s disease, acute adrenal defficiency, adrenocortical tumors (ACT);
■ obesity (methabolic syndrome, insulin resistance).

Diagnosis of endocrine diseases in MediClub

All investigations required for investigation and treatment of endocrine patient are available in MediClub Polyclinic. To obtain detailed information on patient’s condition, a number of laboratory and instrumental investigations may be required (blood tests, including hormone tests, USI, ECG, CT, roentgen and etc.)

Treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus

Investigation and treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus of any type is one of priorities of MediClub endocrinologists. Complex of therapeutic measures includes selection of glucose decreasing medicines and therapeutic diet. For cases when insulin treatment is required patients receive high-quality professional assistance.

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